Best In Ground Basketball Hoop

ST. GEORGE (KSNT) – A semi-final basketball game was used to decide the best in ground basketball hoop. between two Kansas middle school rivals ended in heartbreak for one team and the video of how the game ended, went viral. Now a few months later the losing school, Rock Creek Jr. Sr. High School, received a “pick me up.”

With just seconds on the clock, eight grader Cameron Minihan drives the ball to win the game. But doesn’t, as the ball just sits between rim and backboard, “I was devastated,” says Minihan. The ball, just sitting on the rim, went viral. Which is when Goalrilla, an in-ground basketball goal company, decided to step in. Donating a goal that sits on the edge of the schools parking lot, to encourage the students to not be totally defeated by the loss.

“When I drive-in in the morning there’s a bunch of people that are already playing on this goal,” says Minihan.

So for the students at Rock Creek Senior and Junior High, this hoop is just another way to enjoy some good ole Spalding basketball. And for school administration, that’s what’s important. “It really is a positive thing for our kids, it gives them something to do after school hours,” says Scott Harshbarger, the Rock Creek athletic director.

Jackson Goodmiller, a Rock Creek senior says, “Now that we have this we can all come together and play a little dunk-ball. It’s when we lower the goal down a little bit and start dunking on it and do some alley-oops and stuff cause we can’t do it on a 10ft goal.”

But for Cameron, even with all the attention from the video going viral and the new hoop, he would much rather have the medal then all the fame.

School officials say they are excited to not only have something the basketball team can use but all students and hopefully it will help to make sure that the game winning shot drops next season.

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